Our Story

In season you can find Art Taylor, the owner of Lobster Alive, flying his small single engine Cherokee aircraft several times a week to the holding tank in Bequia. A small island in the Grenadines known for its pristine waters, extra strong rum punch, and spiny Caribbean lobsters. He then transports them back to Barbados to the restaurant's big distribution tank. In season the tank often has 2000 to 3000 pounds of Live Lobster in it - quite a sight to see!

Beginning as a father and son operation, Art and Sam Taylor started selling fresh lobster to Barbados's hotels and restaurants. They quickly grew into a cooked take-away service by special request on the beach. Shortly after that the health inspector demanded they go the whole way or "wholesale only".

So in 1998, a long time friend, and fellow musician with the local VSOP Jazz band Stu Jenkins, became the resident artist (designer) and the restaurant LOBSTER ALIVE and all that Jazz was created.

After learning everything on the go, the restaurant soon grew to become a hit with international critics, restaurant guide books, and their many repeat guests. Now the restaurant seats up to 80 customers at a time, caters to weddings, private parties, boat trips, and has organically grown into one of the best live jazz hubs on the island.

Art Taylor

(Owner & Pilot)

With over 20 years experience flying lobsters in from the islands, distributing to the best local restaurants, and serving the best lobster in Barbados, you can always find Art Taylor sitting at the bar listening to the Jazz band. If you catch him with a moment to chat, he has many amazing stories to tell, perhaps over a bottle of wine, or two.

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Commitment to Sustainability

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Lobster alive has a long earned relationship with the fishing people of St Vincent and the Grenadines. Working directly with multiple small fishing families for over 20 years, on a variety of islands, we have adopted sustainable ways to keep our region's lobster in plentiful supply. Working at the cottage industry level, and in collaboration with local fisheries officers, we have kept strict international standards of sizes, fertility, and annual quantities. Working directly with the fisherman helps them get the best price and us the best product.

Every lobster you enjoy from us goes to support the lifestyles of many families in the Barbados and the neighbouring islands.

Thank you