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Art Taylor, the owner of Lobster Alive, has a small single engine Cherokee aircraft which he flies to the holding tank on Bequia Island. He returns to Barbados with the lobsters dry, just in time, to our big distribution tank at the restaurant. In season the tank often has 2000 to 3000 pounds of Live Lobster in it – quite a sight to see!

The restaurant initially began as a wholesale distributor for the island’s hotels and restaurants. Cooked takeaway service was added; along with a friendly free beer while you wait. Shortly after that the health inspector demanded we go the whole way or “wholesale only”. This was around 1998.

Long time friend and fellow musician with the local VSOP Jazz band “Stu Jenkins” became the resident artist (designer) and we named the up coming restaurant “LOBSTER ALIVE and all that Jazz”.

We felt our way; with many of the usual restaurant mistakes. But it seems now, we have scored quite well with international critics, restaurant guide books; and our many repeat customers.



Owner & Pilot

Art TaylorOver 20 years flying lobsters in from the islands, distributing to the best local restaurants, and serving the best lobster in Barbados. If you catch him with a moment to chat, he has many amazing stories to tell, perhaps over a bottle of wine, or 2.


Restaurant Manager

Cheryl EdwardsAssisting the owner Art Taylor for over 8 years, Cheryl keeps everyone going. Local knowledge mixed with an great smile!


Lobster Specialist

IMAGE-THE-TEAM-SIMONYou wouldn’t want anyone else handling your lobster. Simon’s calm quiet nature puts the quality of the product before anything else. From time to time you may hear him tell the chef in his thick bajan accent, “the people will have to wait, de lobster not done properly yet”